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7 tips to prevent and treat Acne

Acne affects 85% of the adolescents in the world. It is a condition of pilosebaceous unit of the skin which contains hair follicles and oil glands. In those who suffer from Acne, these pilosebaceous units get blocked, have increased sebum production which in turn leads to swelling and inflammation. Additionally, bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes complicates the situation further by promoting infection and inflammation. While face is the most common site, Acne can also appear on chest, back and other parts of the body.

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Following are the tips that can help to prevent and treat Acne:

Skin Hygiene:

Twice a day face wash with gentle cleanser may be helpful. Harsh soaps should be avoided.

Techniques to reduce stress:

Practicing meditation, mindfulness, biofeedback etc. can reduce stress which in turn subdues the inflammation of the skin


Low carb diet and limiting or eliminating dairy products may help


Omega fatty acids may reduce the inflammation and Zinc supplements may help by inhibiting the growth of Propionibacterium acnes bacteria

Natural treatments:

Topical application of Tea tree oil, Turmeric powder mixed with coconut oil or milk and Green tea lotion may have positive effect in Acne treatment

Pharmaceutical treatment (topical):

Several topical medications such as Benzoyl peroxide, Azelaic acid, Clindamycin and Retinoids are very effective

Pharmaceutical treatment (oral):

Those who suffer from severe Acne may require oral medications. Oral antibiotics like Doxycycline, Minocycline and Bactrim are commonly used. Besides these medications, Dermatologists also like to prescribe contraceptive pills and Spironolactone due to their favorable effect on hormones to mitigate Acne lesions.


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