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Mind-body therapies may reduce inflammation and improve immunity!

Mind-body therapies (MBT) like Yoga from India and Tai Chi from China discovered centuries ago have been embraced by many all over the world. With the focus on balance, posture, breathing, mindfulness, these techniques have transformed lives for many.

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So, how does MBT benefit our health? With focused research on mechanisms by which these practices affect our body, we are now able to get more answers to this question.

Among the several advantages of MBT, the effect on our immune system is compelling one. Few years back, N Morgan’s team researched this subject and looked at thirty-four studies covering this topic. Those who practiced MBT were found to have reduced inflammation which was confirmed by decrease in inflammatory markers like CRP in the lab reports. Additionally, MBT also improved immune response to viral infection and generated better immunity from vaccines.

The brain has significant influence on our immune system. By relieving stress, promoting relaxation, improving mood and some physical activity, MBT seems to help the brain to have positive impact on the immune system as per the researchers. Though their study was not perfect, it helped in understanding this benefit in an objective manner.

One more reason to incorporate MBT in our daily routine!

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