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Is skipping breakfast a good idea? … Not as per this study!

Are you the one who cannot start the day without breakfast or the one who eats lunch as the first meal? Is it healthy to skip breakfast? One research team tried to answer this exact question and published their findings in February 2020.

H Chen, B Zhang and their team reviewed and analyzed various studies on this topic and selected 7 relevant studies with total of 221,732 participants to find out the answer. This type of study is called meta-analysis. What they found was astounding. Those who skipped breakfast had 22% higher chance of heart disease and 25% higher chance of death from various causes as compared to those who regularly consumed breakfast!

Keep in mind, it is important to choose healthier options when it comes to breakfast like oatmeal, complex cereals, fruits, yogurt etc rather than unhealthy options like bacon, fried eggs, biscuits etc.

If you are into intermittent fasting, skipping dinner may be a better idea than skipping breakfast.

So as far as breakfast is concerned, keep it, don’t skip it!

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