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Chores and Household work may help to reach your activity goals!

As soon as you hear about chores or household work, first word that probably comes into your mind is “boring”! However, if you change the perspective and look chores and household work as “activities”, suddenly it sounds better, actually healthier!

Your body is meant to be in motion. However, with technology and changing work habits, it has become more and more difficult to achieve daily activity goals. Chores and household work may help to keep you moving and contribute to those goals.

When you move, you use energy and burn calories. Following table shows approximate calories used by doing some common chores and household activities. Weight used for calculation – 160lbs. Duration – 30 minutes. Calories used generally increases with higher weight for the same duration.

Keep moving!

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Activity (30 minutes)Calories used (for person weighing 160lbs)

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